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Doggy Daycare
Bathing & Doggy Spa
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All-Suite Dog Lodging

Each of our guests enjoys lodging designed for comfort and relaxation. Our dedication and attentiveness assures the well-being of our guests and provide everything they need to feel right at home.

Guaranteed Best Price In town!



20% Multiple Dog Discount

10% Veteran Discount



Premium Dog Boarding Accommodations

  • Comfy beds
  • Five-point comprehensive wellness checks
  • The soothing sounds of music
  • Quality diet--we recommend bringing your dog’s regular diet. However, we offer an in-house food for a small charge.
  • Lots of walks each day and potty breaks.


Customized, Fun-Filled Activity Packages

Canines are pack animals and enjoy being engaged and active. This is especially important when pets are away from home. We ensure a healthy and engaging experience for dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, and personalities. Our activities range from high-energy play to extra TLC and relaxation. Between our climate-controlled indoor playground and the attention of our doting caregivers, tails will wag and smiles abound at Waggy Resort. No matter preferences, your dog will have fun in his favorite ways with our discounted activity packages.

Leash iconExtra walks. We will give your pooch lots of outdoor exercise and fresh Florida sunshine.

Dog bone icon

Special treats. Treat your furry friend to a treat filled rubber toy or other special snacks.

Dog with a shirt iconOne-on-one TLC. We love to spoil our guests with extra cuddles & fun.

Paws iconGroup play. We specialize in providing dogs a safe environment for social fun in our fully-enclosed outdoor play yards. Social play is among the most effective ways to engage dogs mentally and physically.

Ribbon iconState-of-the-art play equipment. Our facility is equipped with brand-new play equipment for a doggone good time. Dogs love our stairs, ramps, & games. Choose from group play or individualized fun in our exciting play yards.


Doggy Daycare

Fun Doggy Daycare

Doggie daycare at Waggy Resort is the perfect place for your dog to have fun while socializing with other dogs in a safe and stimulating environment. Our controlled and safe playgroups are separated by size and play style, and are always supervised.

Daily Rates As Low As $19.95


Daycare Fun for Every Dog

  • Our indoor play areas keep dogs comfortable in all weather conditions
  • Enrichment activities include fun laser games, bacon bubbles & more
  • Dogs love our brand-new playground equipment
  • We encourage and reward good manners during play
  • Group games and group obedience exercises

In a typical day of daycare, your pup will receive a full day of socialization and play with appropriate rest breaks. This means you end up with a happy and relaxed pup when you’re ready to wind down at the end of your own busy day.

Customized, Fun-Filled Activity Packages

Free Behavioral Evaluations. We want to ensure every dog is comfortable in this fun and interactive social environment. Therefore, we meet new daycare guests ahead of time to choose the best playgroup for each guest.

Safe Playgroup Divisions. We group dogs based on their size, temperament, age and play style to ensure everyone is having fun and feeling comfortable.

Advanced Safety Systems. Waggy Resort is equipped with video surveillance as well as 24/7 monitored security & safety systems.

Benefits of Quality Dog Daycare

Veterinarians and dog training professionals agree that dog daycare is a healthy way for dogs to exercise their minds & bodies. Instead of worrying that your dog is bored or anxious alone at home, you can bring him to Waggy Resort for safe, fun play in a supervised and stimulating environment.

A busy mind & body can keep your dog from growing bored or anxious. For canines, being bored often means destructive behaviors like chewing and excessive barking. None of that is fun for anyone. All that stress and cost can be avoided.

Daycare is a fully-supervised place for your dog to play as much as he wants!

Social play promotes confidence. Socialization is key to building your dog’s confidence as he learns to respond to new experiences in a safe environment.

Daycare is engaging and active. Dogs receive the physical exercise they crave to stay in healthy shape. Every dog plays to their own personal limits, and we have plenty of comfortable beds for naps and break times.

Bathing & Doggy Spa

Bathing & Doggie Spa

Waggy Resort will beautify your furry friend using the healthiest products and best technology. Whether you choose a basic bath or a full-on doggie pampering, we’ll bring the best out of your dog.

Our Services

We have experience with dogs of all breeds, ages and specific needs. We’ll help you customize your salon experience with our bathing packages and a-la-carte services. We ensure every guest has a rewarding and comfortable experience with us. Our salon services include:

  • Basic bath
  • Premium bath
  • Nail trims
  • Brushing
  • Furminator
  • Teeth brushing
  • “Pawdicure"

Benefits of Professional Bathing

Professional salon services mean more than just a pretty pooch, they’re important for keeping your dog healthy & comfortable.

  1. Maintains a healthy coat & skin. Matting of the hair can be painful and cause skin conditions. Regular brushing prevents these uncomfortable mats from forming.
  2. Reduces shedding. Professional bathing services use specialized tools to reach your dog’s undercoat and loosen up hair from these deep layers. It leaves your dog’s coat feeling light and comfortable and causes him to shed less hair.
  3. Nail maintenance is important. A dog’s nails grow constantly and need to be regularly clipped to prevent discomfort. Regular nail trims reinforce healthy posture and foot structure.
  4. It’s a preventative measure. We are trained to check your dog’s skin, coat, and paws for any abnormalities that might suggest more serious health concerns.

Bath prices vary by individual size & coat length.

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