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Waggy Resort specializes in a stress-free pet care when you can’t be there. Waggy Resort has your pet care needs covered. We are committed to providing the best of care and lots of love while you’re gone.

While at Waggy Resort – your pet will essentially become part of pet loving family and receive the attention, supervision and most of all EXERCISE that they want and need! We know the kind of attention that your furry companion needs and we strive to attend to each of their individual personalities. Your loved ones will play fetch, get plenty of walks or run around with other furry friends. If your dog is a bit shy and reserved – we take the time and patience to give them extra TLC!

Each dog will indulge in private meals of your choosing and finicky eaters can be hand fed. If your pet is on medication, we will ensure he or she receives it as you direct. Special need pets are welcome at Wag Watchers. There are no hidden charges in our rates for play time, cuddles, administering medication or dog walking! Health, safety, happiness and personalize care is very important to us which is why we limit our CAGE-FREE, In Our Home Dog Boarding from 1 to 3 guests per Pet Host’s Home. We offer pick-up and drop-off Pet Taxi Service at affordable prices.

Here at Waggy Resort, we allow your dog to be a dog while also enjoying the high life in a truly cage and stress free environment. At night, your furry companion can cuddle up in a warm bed with one of our family members in order to bring them that much closer to home. Pet boarding like this is like having a family member take care of your pet, only better! Forget the rest, this is the closest thing to the comfort of home for your pet.

Dog Boarding Requirements

• Our guests must be a minimum of (3) four months of age and current on all vaccinations.
• Your pet must be currently on some form of monthly anti-flea medication.
• We do not accept unruly or aggressive dogs.
• If your pet is taking medication, we will distribute it according to your veterinarians instructions. All containers must be properly labelled and state dosage per your veterinarian. Your pet’s well being is our foremost priority.

Work long hours or finally taking that much-needed vacation? Leave your pet in good hands! Whether your pet walks, hops, flies or slithers, they will be well-cared for by Waggy Resort while you’re gone. We provide complete peace of mind; keeping your pet safe and happy when you can’t be there.

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